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About Joiner

Joiner is a mobile application
designed to help you discover people nearby that interest you

What we do?

Give value to social data

How about Some Fun Facts about us?

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how many people do you miss every day?

Who we are?

We are Joiner

This is our talented and dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to bring
the most amazing experience for a better-known and connected world.

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Pol Valls

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Bernat Fages

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Roger Fernandez

Designer and Frontend


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Sonia Arumi

Airbnb, Inc.
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Daniel Pope

Parallels, Inc.


"I’m not the first to admit it, speaking to strangers in new situations, whether it’s a meeting, networking event or down at the local dancehall, can be a pretty daunting task." (...) "Wouldn’t our lives be a little easier if we could somehow find out a smidgen more information about the people around as to make a more effective decision on whom to approach? This is where Joiner comes in."
Stewart Masters (Co-Founder and COO of Clubkviar & Kviarcity)

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Launching worldwide


Good news! After several months of hard work we can finally say that the wait for the public release of the Joiner iPhone app is over. If you can’t wait till the end of this mail, download the app here.

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