Launching worldwide

October 29 2013


Good news! After several months of hard work we can finally say that the wait for the public release of the Joiner iPhone app is over. If you can’t wait till the end of this mail, download the app here.

At Joiner we believe in simplicity, that’s why we have just focused on one single goal: making the process of meeting new people as simple and easy as possible. And we strive to make this process easy and enjoyable. So, we have created an app that we know you'll want you to use and love.

Nevertheless, we want you to be aware that we are just releasing the first version of many more to come. Joiner has just been baked and there are bound to be many things to improve, to change or to add. And here’s where you come in. We appreciate any kind of feedback, either good or bad, as it helps us improve Joiner. So, if you have anything to say, we’d love to hear from you!

You will also see few users around. That’s normal, as we have just released our first product. Don’t get frustrated too early if you don’t see many users nearby. Instead, tell all your friends, family and colleagues about the app and help us increase the network. If everybody does so, we are sure you will soon start discovering people you actually want to talk to.

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The Joiner Team.